Food & Drink

Cocktail anyone

1. Goan Croquettes- A traditional Goan food/ nibble made from beef. We normally order at our Favourite breakfast venue in Fatorda in South Goa; City Cafe.

Goan Croquetts beef croquette

2. Bhaji Puri – A must have dish for breakfast. Can be based on potatoes, chick peas or mixed vegetables served with a traditional, light and fluffy bread called a puri. We also order at City Cafe.

Potato Bagi @ City Cafe chick pea puri

3. Potato Chops- Another traditional Goan food/ nibble made with beef and potatoes. Also available at City Cafe!

Potato Chops @ City Cafe potato chopps

4. Cashew Nuts- You cannot go to Goa without trying Cashew Nuts. There are many different styles you can buy and try, including; salt, pepper or masala. cashw with fuit cashw nuts

5. Cashew Fenni or Coco Fenni- A traditional Goan liqueur made from the cashew nut fruit. Not for the faint hearted but a must have while in Goa. Coco Feni is made with coconut and is slightly sweeter. A little shot helps to settle the stomach if needed. Bottles come in all shapes and sizes.

fenni fnni

6. Cold Coffee- In the heat of the Goan sun a coffee on the rocks is just what the doctor ordered.

Cold Coffee @ City Cafe cold-coffee-recipe6

7. Goan Fish Fingers- Nothing like the UK ones, they are made with filleted fish, another traditional Goan food/ nibble, a must have.

fish finger fish fingers

8. Honey Bee Brandy- Dom’s favourite tipple that you must try even if you are not a brandy drinker. Brewed and sold ONLY in Goa/ India.

home-inner-honeybee.large Honey bee shalf

9. Chicken Lolly Pop- Another Goan delicacy / nibble and a must have. A mild but spicy masala piece of chicken on a stick.

Dom eating Chicken lolly pop's chicken-lollipops-4

10. Kingfisher Beer-  Goa’s own brew is a god send when served cold. Kat likes it served as a shandy with the local ‘Limca’ traditional lemonade.

kingfisher-beer-hd-images-4 Kingfisher_beer_ad_in_Goa 00c4a565f7f1f8beb24fba7195d107474aed2a0c

11. Jumbo Prawns- Seafood in Goa is amazing and you have to try it. However the jumbo prawn is served by the weight and can be as large as a side plate. One of our favourites. mmmmmmmmmm.

Jumbo Prawns @ Brittos  P1070093 More Jumbo Prawns

12. Cocktails and food at a Beach shack-  One of the best things about Goa is the variety of relaxing beach shacks. At most you can just choose a sun bed for the day or just a couple of hours. From your sun bed you can get waiter service and order almost anything. A cocktail, a few nibbles, or a full plate of seafood. Most beach shacks offer a full restaurant menu on the beach.

Some beach shacks also offer massages from your sun bed. You will probably be able to buy a sarong or a piece of jewellery as you relax. Don’t forget to haggle for the goods and just politely decline if you do not wish to buy as the ‘ladies’ can be quite persistent. You’ll be surprised by what you can buy on the beach. You may catch ‘ The Fruit Lady’ with a big basket of juicy fruit on her head.

Cocktails P1060999 P1060997 P1060881 P1060893 P1060995 P1070105 goa-bar_2549166b Beach-shack-Goa-e1355749910664

13. Bhel Puri- Indian Street food. So moreish and fascinating to watch how they make them. Give it a try.

P1070235 P1070233 P1070234 maxresdefault

14. La Plage

For those of you venturing up North to Ashvem beach, check out this place. It is a beach side French restaurant serving great food, cocktails and friendly service.


P1070044 P1070043

15. BBQ Nation

Is situated in heart of Panjim, the capital of Goa. This is a unique live grill-embedded on your table with a choice of vegi, meat and seafood which you grill as you eat. In addition to BBQ starters there is a full buffet for you to enjoy. A new experience!


Final food and drink tips- If you happen to get a bit of Dehli Belly then just take some of the local tablets from a chemist.

Don’t drink the tap water there, stick to bottled water. You will probably be fine cleaning your teeth with tap water but just DON’T SWALLOW!


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