Top 10 Things To Do


Top 10 Things To Do In Goa. Image of Dom & Kat at Dudhsagar waterfalls Goa

10. Ride on an Indian Elephant –The Indian Elephant

Elephant in Goa 2011 002

Elephant in Goa 2011

9. Visit a Flea Market- Anjuna Market or the Night Market

Kat & her mum Anne haggling at Anjuna Market Anjuna in 2013

Kat & her mum Anne at Goa's Night Market






8. Visit a beautiful Catholic Church in Old Goa

Old Goa Church

7. Climb and bath in- Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar waterfalls

Dom & Kat at Dudhsagar waterfalls 2013

Kat feeding the monkeys at Dudhsagar waterfalls 2013

6. Chill out at a Beach Shack

Sipping cocktails at a another beautiful beach in Goa

Goa 2011 Dom & Kat chilling again at a beach shack

Goa 2011 Dom & Kat eating in the evening at a beach shack

5. Fish Market

Goa Fish market 2013

Crabs at the smelly fish markets

4. Visit a Goan Spice Market

Dom's mum Libra buying Goan sausages at the spice market

Kat's mum Anne watching Goan sausage being made

Goan Spice Market 2013


3. Indian Head Massage / & Wet Shave

We have a hilarious video of Dom having a head massage It’s soooo funny enjoy. The Bollywood movie music in the back ground makes it even better.

This is Dom having a wet shave at the barbers.


2. Travel on the local buses

Goan service bus

Dom's mum Libra, Kats mum Anne and Kat ridding the bus

Standing on a cramped service bus Kat and her mum Anne

1. Ride a Rickshaw

A rickshaw is a bright yellow motorbike/tricycle with a build in back seat for 2/3 passengers. Ok in India you can get as many people as you can squeeze in or onto any motor vehicle on the road!! A site you have to see for yourself!

Dom & Kat getting loved up in the back of a Rickshaw

Dom & Kat in a Rickshaw

View out the back of a richshaw

View from the back of the rickshaw  Here is one of our rickshaw rides. Sorry its sideways. Enjoy!


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