Iliffe Arts Ltd

You may already know, but Kat has recently started a new social enterprise business called Iliffe Arts Ltd. (‘I Love Arts’)Kat is the Managing Director and Dom is also one of the Executive Directors and will soon be running DJ and sound engineering workshops for us.

In a nut shell what we do is offer workshops and courses within both performing arts and visual arts, to help raise self-esteem, confidence and ultimately life/ academic achievement. This also includes swimming tuition.

This is our website; Please have a look at the work that we have been doing. Its early days yet but there is so much potential to grow and help lots of vulnerable underachieving people of all ages.

We would be really great full if you could support the work we do and follow us on all of our social media channels;

Iliffe Arts on Facebook

Iliffe Arts on Twitter

Iliffe Arts on Pinterest


Superior Entertainment

Dom is 1/3 of Superior Entertainment (along with 2 of his best men) who have been providing DJ, music, sound, MC and lighting for all occasions. (As you will witness, if you haven’t not already!)

They are a fantastic trio, providing entertainment across a wide verity of occasions and celebrations including, birthday parties, corporate events and of course weddings.

Find out more at;

Thank you for your support


Dom and Kat



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